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Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Oh *cough* I didn't see you there...

Hello everyone! Long time no post. I understand it has been quite awhile. I apologize for my absence! I just finished my freshman year of college and I am readjusting to being back home. In the news lately, I am now a model for Tick:Tock Cosmetics!!! Also, I am looking for a job to support my horrible makeup obsession (I am right now obsessed with blushes and lipsticks). I will start to post on here again soon. I am just waiting for the sun to make an appearance so I can go take pictures! I literally have a whole box of things to swatch and I really want to swatch them! Stupid sun! Furthermore,  my laptop (again) is in the shop which makes me really upset. I hope that will come back to me soon  =] (it has my Mass Effect 2 disc in it =/ and I would love to finish the game). I promise I haven't left you and I will be back when the sun comes up =]


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