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Monday, July 9, 2012

My Pretty Zombie Easter Collection!

Hey! So I am being a lump and watching Jerry Springer cause it's on TV and I don't feel like moving. I also have a giant headache so this won't be very long. So today I have some swatches from My Pretty Zombie's LE Easter Collection. This collection is really diverse and is only around once a year. Some of the colors were amazing and some I am a little iffy on. But they are all gorgeous none-the-less.

~all these swatches were done without primer and in the bright bright sun~

I do love the square jars =].

Deviled Egg is a satiny yellow. It is rather plain to me. 

Ham is a bright red with a gold shift. This is so pretty!

Rabbits Foot is a semi-matte lilac with some pink glitter. This one is my favorite!

Dye! Dye! is a metallic sky blue with some silver qualities. 

Basket Case is a shimmery green that has some blue qualities in it. 

Peepshow is an interesting color. It is a shimmery white with blue glitter. The glitter didn't really show up here though, sadly. 

Scurvy is a bright orange with a gold shift. This color is really awesome. 

So here we are. This collection (minus Scurvy) show up once a year around Easter. This headache doesn't seem like its going away anytime soon. Time to take some medication. 


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