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Monday, July 2, 2012

Chinovi Swatches!

Herro! It is the morning time here. The boyfriend is home but has errands to do til this afternoon, so I thought...hey what the hell, I'll blog! So today I have some awesome Chinovi Cosmetics swatches. I personally love this company (but I love many companies, how can I not XD They make shiny things.). Some of these colors are from the Grand Opening Collection. Also, I am loving the Hobbit.

~These were swatched with no primer and taken in direct sunlight. These might look different from my normal swatches cause I took swatched these with my opposite hand.~

I still love these labels.

Alien is hard to take pictures of! It is a light gold with a strong green shift. I tried to get the shift but it wouldn't take =/.

Launch is a really pastel pink with a slight orange shift and blue sparklies. This color is gorgeous!

80's Prom is a gorgeous silvery-blue color. I have been loving these colors lately.

Commence is a dark taupe-y color with tons of sparklies!

Yellow Bird is a satin-y bright yellow.

I am really in love with these colors. Some of them have made their way into my daily routine. Now I have to go get the mail, and prepare to see the boyfriend XD. Tata for now. =]



  1. Yummm. I like Launch and Commence. Thanks for posting.

  2. Yes Launch and Commence look amazing.

  3. Love these swatches, Launch is my favorite!