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Friday, June 29, 2012

Black Rose Minerals Swatches!

Hello Darlings! My internet has been going in and out due to the obnoxious heat so I am taking the neighbors internet for now XD. Thank you neighbors. Today I have for you some Black Rose Minerals swatches! I have some samples from the New Righteous Collex and some of the new blushes!!!

If you don't know, I am a huge giant fan of Adventure Time. It is one of the many things that brought my boyfriend and I together and it makes me laugh when I ma in the worse of moods.

Without further ado (since I am reading a really cool book that I want to get back tooooo)

~these were swatched with no primer and in sunlight~

I adore the Righteousness collection label. 

Finn is a sunflower yellow with gold glitter...JUST LIKE FINN'S HAIR. 

Princess Bubblegum, oh how I wish I was made of bubblegum, is a semi-sheer candy pink.

Now I had a sample of Marceline and a swatch picture of it, but it refused to load. 
Marceline is a grey matte with purple glitter.

Mathmatical is an opaque white with some white and rainbow sparklies. It reminds me a lot of Aromaleigh V.1 Slyph.

Jake is the compliment color to Finn. It is a bright orange with gold glitter. Of course Jake would compliment Finn, they are best friends. 

Now for the blushes I decided I would do I blush brush stroke on the left and a eye shadow brush stroke on the right.
Junkie is a gorgeous coral color with some gold glitter and a little bit of rainbow glitter as well.

Bloody is a blood red (lolz) with lots and lots of rainbow sparklies. 

Radical is a more pink version of Junkie and has lots and lots of gold sparklies. 

I really love these blushes but I wish they were more satiny and less sparkly. But thats my thing. 

I love everything. I will definately be grabbing full sizes of the other two blushes when I run outta my samples. Now, back to reading my new Stephen Hawking book then onto the Hobbit! Then onto my Nook books (I just downloaded a buncha Holly Black books). Since I finished my summer classes, I will be on a reading binge. =P


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