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Monday, June 25, 2012

Victorian Disco Review!

Hello! I am finally catching up on my blog posts! I would be swatching right now, but the sun has disappeared behind clouds =/. So I am sitting here, watching Merlin (pretty good show), finishing the last dribble of Coke Zero Vanilla, and trying to figure out what I am bringing on my vacation.
Victorian Disco Cosmetics is owned by a dear friend of mine and I have to admit, I am slowly becoming obsessed with her shadows. Right now her shop is on hiatus until she feels better <3. But lets get on with the review!

Pricing- Samples - $1
            Mini - $2
            Full Size - $4.50
                 Mini - $3.50
                 Full Size - $7.50
                 Sample - $4
                 Full Size - $8

Amounts - Samples - 1/4 tsp
                Mini - approx 1 g
                Full - approx 2 g
                     Mini - approx 3 g
                     Full - approx 6 g
                     Sample - full 5 g jar
                     Full - approx 5.9 ml in tube

Extras - 2 samples

~these swatches were done in sunlight with no primer~

Health Pack is a metallic red color. It reminds me of my hair right now XD.

It's a Trap is a light green with a gold shift. This is such an awesome color. 

The Fett is a plummy color with a slight blue shift. 

Lightsaber is a bright silvery blue. Reminds me of someone's lightsaber who was good XD.

Hunter's Girlfriend (which is one of my favorites at the moment) is a light blue with a silver shift. This color looks amazing with Jockey

Boomer Bile is a dark green with a lighter green glow. I am so excited to wear this as a crease color. 

Fallen Survivor is a bronzey gold color with some pink sparklies. 

Sacrifice is a red with blue sparkles and shift. 

Safe House is slightly darker than Fallen Survivor but has silver sparklies instead. 

Keith's truck is a metallic gold/bronze mix. 

No Mercy is a lighter and less metallic version of Keith's Truck.

Death Star is a charcoal grey with silver sparklies. 

The Force, Use It is one of the most epic colors ever. It is a really light mint green with the most awesome pink shift. 

Double Tap is really dark taupe-y color with blue/silver shifts. 

Jockey is a pink/gold neutral that looks really awesome with my skintone. 

Lightspeed is glitter heaven. It is a black with lots of silver sparklies that make it look metallic.

Emperor is a bright blue matte with some blue sparklies to go with it. 

So, here you have it folks. Now, these colors blend flawlessly. I have been using these colors for two weeks now and I can see some minis or full sizes in my future. I really hope the owner gets better and opens up shop soon! 



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