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Monday, June 4, 2012

Chinovi Cosmetics

I have decaf coffee this time. =] So today/tonight, while watching Iron Chef, I am here to show you an amazing new company that is like...AWESOMESAUCEYBALLS. (that is soooo a word). Chinovi Cosmetics made their launch only a few days back but I was lucky to score some samples before they opened. Even though I didn't blog them =/ Oopsie XD. One thing I must admit is that these colors are gorgeous and their website is awesome! Can I just say now that I will be definitely be purchasing again. No doubts there. 

Pricing - Sample baggie - $1
             Sample clamshell - $1.25
             Full size w/o Sifter - $4.75
             Full size w/ Sifter - $5

Shadow Amounts - Samples - 1/4 tsp
                             Full Sizes - approx. 1.2 g

Extras - 1 sample

PICTURE TIME~~all these were swatched on my plain skin in the pretty, but harmful to my paleness, sunlight

As you can see the ingredients are right there on the label. Nice. 

Hiccup is a nice red/orangey color with golden sparklies. It is almost like a neutral but not. 

Tears is a blue verging on mint that is just so gorgeous. It also have some awesome silver qualities. 

Monster is a blue/purple duochrome that doesn't branch into blurple territory. Even though I love blurples this is just awesome. 

This right here, is a gorgeous forest green/teal-y color that has some gold sparklies.

Excuse me...OMG THIS COLOR. I am in love. Absolutely in love. It is a silvery-blue with a slight green shift. 

This is another dark green/teal-y color that is awesome. 

Rave is a bright purple with pink sparklies in it. Not a color I would normally go for but it is really pretty. 

Troll is the opposite of an actual troll. It is a super pastel lilac with some blue sparklies. 

Finally, Rock on is a deep teal color that has a slight green shift. 

So, if you haven't already, go buy some things! Also these colors are so smooth and easy to apply. I am going to buy more eventually (when money allows). Now I have a caffeine-withdrawal headache and must say ado. Also I must wash my face with my black magic soaps =] I will be writing my first Rant and Rave post sometime this week. There will be lots to say. Ado~~.

<3 Taryn

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