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Wednesday, June 27, 2012

The Body Needs Swatches!

So, today I am watching What Not to Wear, smothered in Snayke Oyle (no snakes were harmed), finishing up my summer classes (THANK GOODNESS), wanting to read a book, and ready to show some swatches of The Body Needs stuff! Now, I would do a full on review but I am lazy and this store sells so much stuff! But awhile ago I saw they made a MAC Saint Germain dupe. Saint Germain has been on my lemming list (in my mind) for the longest time and I knew I had to get this dupe. While there I saw they had a Nars Orgasm dupe as well, so I grabbed that. Finally I picked up some Blemish Cover to stick in my bag =]

~These picks were taken in sunlight~

Tokyo Pink is a creamy light pink. Unfortunately I don't have Saint Germain to do a comparison but I really like this color. 

The Blemish Cover is really creamy, like almost too creamy. In the picture below I put and smoothed some onto my extreme red KP spots and it took some of the redness away but as you can see not all. I will still stick this in my bag for emergencies but sadly, I don't like this too much. 

On the left is Sinful used with my blush brush and on the right it is used with an eye shadow brush. This blush is actually pretty colorless and is mostly gold shine. I actually don't mind it though. Since I have rather pink cheeks to begin with it brought out their natural color but added some gold sparkle. 

There were some great and not so great things going on, but, for the price it was worth it. I can see myself reaching for Tokyo Rose often and for the blush. Sadly I think the Blemish Cover is too creamy for my oily skin. 

I really want some cake. 


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  1. Tokyo Pink looks really pretty! Sometimes pinks that shade look chalky, but this one looks nice.