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Sunday, June 24, 2012

Femme Fatale Cosmetics Review!

So, I actually have some time on my hands. I have been taking two summer coarses (worst idea ever) and have barely had anytime to myself and the boyfriend. The time I did have, I was either walking dogs or reading at the boyfriend's house. My classes end next week so yay! So, right now I am sipping some burning hot coffee, watching Burn Notice, and ready to show you a kick-butt company called Femme Fatale Cosmetics! Femme Fatale is a company based in Australia, how cool! I have heard some pretty epic things from the lovely Luna at Toxid Lotus (review here). I managed to grab a bunch of samples, and I forgot to grab blush! (stupid me).

Pricing - Eyeshadow
                  Samples - $1.10
                  Mini w/sifter - $3.10
                          w/o sifter - $3
                  Full Size - $5.75
                  Sample - $1.10
                  Full Size - $8
             Nail Polish
                  Full Size - $3.75

Shadow Amounts - Sample - 1/8 tsp
                             Mini - approx .8 g
                             Full Size
                                  Eye Shadow - approx 1.35 g
                                  Blush/Illuninator - approx 2g

Extras - 1 sample
Well here are the pretties! ~these are swatched with no primer and in nice sunlight~

Desecration is a pretty plum color with a wicked green shift.

Smokebomb is a really interesting color. It is a brown with a bronzy goldish shift. This would work amazingly in a neutral eye. 

Exorcism is a gorgeous purple with silvery-blue shift. It is quite subtle but awesome. 

Spirit Bond is a dark blurple with a gold shift. 

Frostfire is a bright blue with red, pink, and blue sparklies. 

This one is a sky blue with the most obvious lilac shift. It is really pretty, but I ran into some patchiness. Not to worry though, I did swatch these with no primer XD.

Unholy is the most gorgeous forest green color with a light green shift/glow that makes it the best crease color. 

Polymorph is a awesome taupey neutral with a light green shift...why haven't I used this yet...*goes to find it*

Shadow Dance is a taupey purple that is really awesome. This picture doesn't capture its true beauty.

Oh lordy Burn Notice is rather intense (almost done with season 5). Also, this week will (hopefully) be a big blog week since the boyfriend is gone til Saturday. I would do a cutesy boyfriend post, but I know he reads this blog so not a good idea. He would get embarrassed lol. Oh, back to the review...buy from this company. It is the shiz. Truly. Shipping is really reasonable and fast. =] GO BUY NAO!


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  1. All the colours you picked look really nice! I've yet to try Femme Fatale but they're definitely on my 'to try' list now :)