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Friday, June 17, 2011

Rock A Betty Beauty Review!!!

Earlier this week i received my order from Rock A Betty Beauty. I ordered the Blogger Special which was 5 e/s samples and one Pinup Powder. Now, you don't get to chose your e/s or your powder but i really love the colors i got! In my package, which was wrapped in a popcorn bag (HOW ADORABLE!), i received their new Suck it up! Oil Absorbing Powder (which I am wearing now and will talk about in the end).  they sell their shadows in  3g jars. Their 3g jars sell for $3.99 and shipping is $2.99. They also sell primer, scents, lippies, and also have tons of pretty collections coming out monthly. Everything was nicely labeled and the baggies were nicely sized with a decent amount of sample e/s. I feel that you should receive more of the Pinup Powder in the sample since it is a face product. 

Onto the Review!! 
*no primer is used*

Potty Mouth - is a glitter-matte! Its a black matte with silver glitter. At first i was like, o joy...another black matte for my collection...but then i saw the silver glitter and was very happy with is color!
Snuff - is a really pretty sky blue color with some silver accents to it. It has a very pretty silver shimmer to it. 

Six Feet Under - is a really nice dark brown color with some silver sparkles which came as a surprise to me. You don't see too many neutral shadows with sparkles in them. I liked that a lot. Some glam in the neutral. 

Floozy - is a bright purple grape color with some really pretty multi colored shimmer to it. Its my favorite Grape lollipop color! 
Shrapnel - is a rusty red velvet cupcake color with some gold accents to it. It had a gold shine to it which i liked. 

I received the Pinup Glow. This is a very pale beige powder with a multi colored shimmer and some gold accents to it. I think this goes really nicely with my complexion. I think i will wear it for my Graduation Party to add some shine. 

Suck it Up! - okay, I've been wearing this for....4 hours now. And i can finally feel oil breaking through. Here is what is working against it.
1. I am sick.
2. I have extremely oily skin
3. i ate spicy food for dinner
Now i put some of this on my forehead and my nose and chin. My nose wore away after and hour because i wear glasses and oil appears there within minutes. My forehead, oil appeared within 3.5 hours and my chin is yet to feel oily. I give this an A+ in my book! Also I am not wearing anything else on my skin. 

Overall I really like Rock A Betty Beauty. Her colors are pretty and have some surprises to them. I also like the names she uses the the ideas for her collections are cute. Give em a look!


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  1. Thanks for reviewing these. I don't know that I have run across this line before.