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Sunday, June 5, 2011

Evil Shades Swatches!!

So i was extremely excited when i was talking to the lovely EvilAngel from Evil Shades Cosmetics on twitter and we came up with the idea of a lovely lilac blush for spring/summer. When she told me it was done i was so excited i bought a full jar right away! Then I purchased a Deviant Lippie (my fav lippies ever!) in Fateful and a sample of Twizted, another blush. Then i received 2 free samples of eyeshadows in Potion and Athame.

*remember there is no primer*

Potion - is a nice yellow green color with some nice shine to it. 
Athame - is a really soft grey color that is almost white as my skin. 

Twizted - is a blue blush? Yes a blue blush. Its a dusty light blue with pink sparkles in it. It does not shift as much as I wish it would which makes this slightly unwearable. But i have worn it a few times and it does look pretty over a bronzer. 

Pouty - is the lilac blush i've been dreaming of! its a matte lilac that can go on nice and sheer or nice and powerful. I wear this almost every single day now. 

Fateful - this is the lippie i ordered cuz i've never owned a decent black lipstick. now the swatches may look bad because i has a lip gloss on and didnt take it off before i put the lipstick on...i know stupid mistake on my part lol. But it is a really amazing black lippie with a purple tint to it. I love this to death...too bad my bf wont let me kiss him when i wear it lol! 

So heres my swatches!!! hope you enjoyed them!!!


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  1. Great swatches, I adore Evil Shades! I was waiting to see a swatch of Twizted, I must have it!