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Sunday, May 22, 2011

Psyche Minerals Review!

So awhile ago I ordered a full jar and some lovely samples from the absolutely gorgeous Psyche Minerals. Unfortunately the first package got lost in the mail but Molly was right on top and we communicated perfectly and she sent out another one within a day. Mistakes happen so i wasn't too upset by it. Now her store is on hiatus for another few weeks. But she usually has a COTW which is where i got my full jar and lots of samples. I ordered a full jar and one sample and i received two extra samples. Now, her jars don't have printed labels but i don't mind that too much. I feel like its more homey and more indie. I would pull up pricing for you but i don't want to get things wrong.

So, onto the review!

*no primer used*

Sea Monster - was the full jar i received and its lovely. Its a teal/green which shines gorgeously in the light. I absolutely adore this color. 
Slime - is a fantastic blue. its very bright and happy and i love it oh so much.
Battle Rex - is a very amazing light green that sparkles super bright. I don't think I'll be able to pick a favorite!
Zap Bird - is a blueish purple that has a fantastic shine. Yea, i can't pick a favorite.

Overall I am extremely impressed with Psyche Minerals. Her colors are gorgeous and different from a lot of the others i own. They are really smooth and buttery and its tough to chose a favorite. I will definitely be purchasing more colors soon! I suggest you take a look and pick out some samples and maybe a full jar. She is going through some reformulations at the moment so things might be a little slow. BUT her shadows are gorgeous and i love them. 


Evil Shades
High Voltage
Dark Heart Designs


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  1. Battle Rex looks cute! Not heard of these before, I'll have to go have a little butchers!