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Friday, May 20, 2011

Antoinette's Revolution Cosmetics Review!!!

For awhile I impatiently waited for the opening of Antoinette's Revolution Cosmetics and when i heard they opened i rushed over to their shop and purchased tons of samples. =] Her samples came in the absolute most adorable packaging ive seen. Also, her Artfire is adorable. Its nice and colorful and nicely laid out. Her samples are $.75 a sample wit shipping being $2 (US) then her full sized jars are $5 with $2 shipping. Now i love the labels on the sample baggies and the baggies are perfect for the price. Her package came promptly and she is fantastic at communicating. So, lets move onto the review!!!

*no primer used*

Versailles - is an absolutely gorgeous bronze color. I am absolutely in loovvee with this color to no end. Its amazing.
Gouttiere - its a fantastic dark green color with some pretty sparkles in it. Its got a forest feel to it which i adore. I really like that it has a matte feel to it too. 
Gardens - is a super duper pretty matte olive grape color. 

von Fersen - is a navy blue color that has some nice sparkle to it. It was slightly patchy applying on my dry skin but that tends to happen with darker colors. 
Dupioni - is an amazing amazing amazing blue. Its not a true blue its slightly lighter than it. which is why i love it. 
Dusty Rose - is one of my favorites of the bunch. Its a light pink with a gold feel to it. I wore this shadow todaii and it love it soo much! It has the most amazing shine to it!  

Damask - is a really pretty teal color with a darker sense to it. I really adore this color. 
Marie - is absolutely stunning. Its a light blue color with a kiss of green. I like the softness of this color. It almost look frosty. This is my favorite of the collection of samples i received!
Masquerade - is a light minty green color that also looks frosty. This has to be my second favorite!

Overall: i am in love love love love love with Antoinette's Revolution Cosmetics! Their colors are gorgeous and very different from the others in my vast growing collection. I love all of her colors and hope to try some more soon. Her sample prices are really amazing and she is an really amazing person! I suggest you buy some samples and try her out! 


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  1. I love seeing swatches of new mineral makeup colors. Thanks!

  2. Ooh, you got some interesting shades! I really wish I sampled Gouttiere, it looks lovely!