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Sunday, May 1, 2011

My Pretty Zombie Swatches!!!

So i ordered a full jar of Rabies ( love love love this shadow) and I got some extra samples in my package from My Pretty Zombie =]. i received Tarayvonne and Davanh. These are both dark shades.

*remember i dont use primer =]*

So here are the swatches and my thoughts

Tarayvonne- is gorgeous i think this is my favorite shadow on the face of the planet right now. Its so pretty with its navy color and the black and red sparkles. Its amazing. I want a full jar of this now!

Davanh- is a borwn/purple shade depending on the light. It has a really nice shimmer to it. 


  1. Both are gorgeous! I love slightly unusual neutrals :)

  2. my pretty zombie has tons of amazing shadows. brights and neutrals. =]