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Saturday, May 21, 2011

Shiro Cosmetics Science Collection SWATCHES!

So I ordered some of the newest collection by Shiro Cosmetics...THE SCIENCE COLLECTION! Based off my favorite videogame franchise Portal. I ordered 7 samples and got 2 extra but 1 was from the Science collection and the other was from the Super Effective collection. But since this is Science collection only I didn't include it.

Here is the swatchfest!!!

*no primer used*

Aperture Laboratories - is a nice pigmented grey with some really nice shimmer to it. 
Huge Success - is a less pigmented grey but has a lot more sparkle to it. 
Still Alive - is a really pretty light green color. I actually thought this was going to be a mint green but this is even prettier then i thought. 

Beta - is a gorgeous forest green color with lots and lots of shimmer. 
Because We Can - is a really nice bright punky pink color with silver sparklies in it. 
Wheeeeeee! - is an pinky orange color with gold sparklies in it. I love this color. One of my favs.

Thinking With Portals - is a nice bright orange with blue shimmer to it. I LOVE IT! This is tied for favorite with A Neat Gun.
A Neat Gun - is a bright blue with and orange shimmer. LOVE LOVE LOVE! Like i said its tied for favorite. 

My overall thoughts on the collection so far is that its absolutely fantastic! The colors are very true to the website description and they are very diverse and pretty. I suggest every picks up some samples and tries this collection as well as some of the others!!!



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Evil Shades
High Voltage
Dark Heart Designs



  1. Wheeeeee! and Thinking With Portals look awesome! I really like the idea of a Portal collection and I think the range of colours is nice. You know, that's it's not *just* blue and orange.

  2. Wheeeeee! is gorgeous! i love that its not just pink and it has the orangey ness to it.