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Saturday, May 7, 2011

Moi Minerals & Cosmetics Review!

So I ordered some samples from Moi Minerals when she had her Random Sample baggie deal. Ordered 1 set (which was 10 random samples) and I received 20 samples!! Now thats a lot of samples! Now, Moi offers a lot more then just eyeshadow. She offers tons more and adds new stuff all the time. But since i got all eyeshadow samples, that is my focus of this review. Her sample baggies were average sized and have a very decent amount of product. Her normal jars range in price from $5-10. For a 5g jar w/ sifter it is $5, for an 8g jar w/ sifter it is $8 and for a 10g jar w/ sifter its $10. By looking in the FAQs i could only find that the 5g jars contain 1-3g of shadow (by weight). I like how the website is laid out but i think it needs some improvement by telling how much in is the bigger jars.

*remember i do not swatch with primer!*

Onto the review!!

Angel Eyes - is a really pretty light pink shimmery shadow. This would make a really nice brow bone shadow. I like shadows like these because they brighten up the eye and make the eye look bigger.
Hi Five - is an orange pink shadow with some nice sparkle to it. It does have some nice shimmer to it too. 
Rockstar Red - reminds me of the color of a red velvet cupcake. It has that rusty red/copper feel to it. I love it. 
Black Raspberry - was a little patchy to apply. It is a reddish purple color. It is more of a matte then the other ones so far. 

Onya - is a really shimmery sheer orange color. Another brightening shade for my eyes. Also orange is in for summer so a nice soft orange would be pretty.
Calla - is a little brighter orange then Onya. This one has more of a yellow to it but is equally as shiny. This one is also pretty sheer.
Golden Rod - is a nice bright yellow with a lot of shimmer and shine. 
Artic Gold - is a really nice bronze/gold color with some nice sparkle to it. 
Cactus - is a really pretty neutral color. This color is a beige with a ton of shine. This is the perfect brow bone color or for a lazy makeup day. or when your meeting your best friends grandparents lol.
Truffle - is slightly darker than cactus. Truffle has more brown in it. Another gorgeous neutral shadow!

Lime Light - is a really nice shimmery lime shadow that is very soft. But i rather like it. 
Buffy - is my favorite of the bunch! it is a really awesome green that is very matte like. Buffy the Vampire Slayer was my fav show as a kid. 
Frankenstin - is a olive/dark green shadow. this one is also matte like. 

Ocean Queen - is a silver blue with loads of sparklies. This is another one of my favorite colors. 
Spank Me - is a matte blue that was very patchy to apply. but otherwise i really did like the color. 
Bell Flower - is a mix of Ocean Queen and Spank Me. it is a glitter-matter and is a sky blue color. I love it. 

Fireflies - is a really nice plum purple color with a gorgeous shimmer to it. This is my third favorite color of the bunch.
Voluptuous - is a lollipop grape color with not as much shimmer as the other colors. I really like this color too!

Galaxy - is a nice super sparkly black. This one was also alittle patchy. But it has lots of multi colored sparklies that remind me of the galaxy ( i get it).
Diego - is a dark blue / charcoal shadow that i really like. This is going into the "everyday shadow" section.

Overall I like Moi Minerals & Cosmetics. Some shadows hit a home run while other were an eh for me. I liked that some of the shadows were shimmery and some were matte like. I also liked the diversity of colors. And how none of the colors seemed alike any of the other colors i own. I say if you are looking for a wide range of colors and lots of pretty shimmer. Go check out Moi Minerals and Cosmetics.


On the weight issue!
Ive lost 16 lbs in a month!

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  1. I mostly like the darker shades. But Angel Eyes is nice! Hey, congrats on the weight loss!!!! :)