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Saturday, December 10, 2011

Detrivore Swatchlove!

Detrivore is one of the few companies who has some of the most fantastic sales. For Black Friday, Detrivore had a 50% off $20 or more. Then, a though jumped into my head "How 'bout I get my Mother some Detrivore shadows for Christmas!" So, I picked up all the new shades and gave some to my Mother to put in her lovely Christmas box. I also put some in my Giveaway box.

Shadow Amounts - Samples -1/4 tsp
                             Full Size - about 1g in a 5g jar with sifter

Packaging - Plastic bags and jars are shrink wrapped

Extras - 2 samples (Not shown since I already owned both shades)

These are swatched dry without primer.

Vermin - is a bright green with some yellow and olive tones and some gold sparklies. 
Macabre - is a hot pink with darker qualities with lots of pink sparklies.

Dust Bunny - is a bright silver with blue and silver sparklies.
Below - is a semi-matte bright blue with silver sparklies.

Crevice - is a teal with some subtle silver sparklies.
Revenant - is green with green sparklies. 

Omen - is a dusty purple with some subtle sparklies.
Bugbear - is a light blue shadow with some sparklies.

Widow - is a gorgeous red velvet cupcake color (or blood whichever you prefer) with some silver and red sparklies.
Luna - is a chrome-like silver.

Hobgoblin - is a nice green with some blue undertones with some green and silver sparklies. 
Carcass - is a really nice pink with some orange overtones and some gold sparklies. 

Vulture - is a nice brown shade with some silver sparklies. 

My Favorites - Widow, Bugbear, Omen, Below, Crevice, Revenant and Dust Bunny.

Detrivore's formula is amazing and even though their shadows aren't extremely complex, sometimes simple is better. The company just came out with a line of perfumes which I ordered samples from and I am extremely excited to receive. If you haven't tried out Detrivore...WHAT ARE YOU WAITING FOR! Well you could wait for a sale, but still buy from them!!! 


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