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Thursday, December 1, 2011

Dark Heart Designs Halloween On Christmas Swatchlove!

So, it is finally sunny here again and what a bright sun it is. Today I have a bright and gorgeous new collection from one of my favorite companies, Dark Heart Designs. This collection is based off of The Nightmare Before Christmas. One thing I really love about this collection is that it isn't like your normal Christmas collection of colors. But you will have to see to believe me =].

Shadow Amount - 0.20g of shadow in a 3g clamshell

Price - $9.99 + $2.50 Shipping

Extra - 1 Unlabeled Shadow

Boogie Man - is a bright green gel liner with pink and blue shifts. It is really amazing looking and is a must buy in my book.
Mad Scientist - is a bright blue/grey gel liner with gold sparklies. 

Barrel - is a dark purple semi-sheer gloss with purple sparklies. The gloss in general isn't sticky and is really smooth and feels very weightless on the lips. It feels more like a lip balm then a gloss to me. 
Lock - is a bright red semi-opaque gloss  with a pink shift. 
Shock - is a greyed purple sheer gloss with blue sparklies. On the lips it looks like a nude.




The Mayor - is a really sparklie pale orange/beige with subtle purple sparklies.
Bone Daddy - is a white with a strong orange shift. In other lights it looks almost like a light grey.

Ghost Dog - is a satin white with a slight red shift. 
Unknown??? - was the unlabeled shadow I received. It is a bright red with blue and light blue sparklies. It is awesome what ever color this happens to be. 
Rag Doll - is a light teal with pink sparklies. Another going on the definite buy list. 

My Favorites: Rag Doll, Unknown???, Bone Daddy, Lock, Shock, Boogie Man, Mad Scientist. 

Dark Heart Designs has come along way since their closing and I am really glad they have changed for the better. Tina has officially reformulated all of the shadows and is now reformulating the glosses. I will definitely be making some full sized purchases from this collection. So, go check em out! 



  1. Thanks Taryn! The unknown shadow was the first version of Rag Doll. While I love the color, I felt it didn't quite fit in the collection the way I wanted it to. It was a special gift for Dark Heart club members, and my personal friends.

  2. OHHHH. Barrel looks a bit blotchy, though. I especially dig the liners! Maybe the un-named one is Christmastown ;)

  3. Great Job on the swatches! the lip colors look stunning on you!

  4. Very nice swatches! I am so in love with this collection!

  5. Love Lock & Shock! I might have to pick up this collection :)

  6. Great swatches! The lip colours look amazing!