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Thursday, December 1, 2011

Madd Style Cosmetix Review!

Madd Style Cosmetix was always one of those companies where I was told to stay away from because of some bloggers' opinions long ago. But after seeing time pass by and not another bad word said, I decided to put on some big girl panties and buy. I was always astounded by their colors and how their names related to things I loved. One day that had a little set of get 3 jars and one XL sample for $10 and I took my chance and bought it.

Pricing - Samples - N/A
             Full Size - $5
             C.O.W - $3
             Shadow Base - $6
             Eyeshadow Mixative - $5
             Shipping - $2
                             Another Item - $0.75

TAT + Delivery - Above Average (1.5 weeks)

Shadow Amounts - Sample - approx 1/16th tsp
                             Full Size - Approx 1.5g in a 5g jar
                             (No true amounts were given)

Extras - 1 sample

Packaging - Tissue Paper

Swatches were done dry without primer!

Love the labels!

Monster Mash - is a satin green with blue and red sparklies in it

O Hai, Kawaii - is a light purple with blue and pink sparklies. It is rather sheer.

Tardis - is a bright blue with some purple accents with a strong pink shift. I adore this color. Doctor Who forever. 

Sub- Zero - is a satin white with a light blue shift. This one is also rather sheer. 

Spirited Away - is a dark satin navy with gold sparklies. I adore this color and the movie.

My Favorites: Tardis and Spirited Away

Madd Style Cosmetix definitely lived up to me hopes with their complex colors. I cannot wait to try more of them! My few concerns are their lack of ingredients, their lack of shadow amounts in their listings and that they do not carry samples. But I highly suggest you give them a look and try out some shades.



  1. Oooh Spirited Away looks really pretty. I've been wanting to try Madd Style Cosmetix for a while but never have for the same reasons you hadn't. I think I will give them a try now :D They really do have some great looking goodies!

  2. >.> I need all of these. I have 4 colors from them and I like them a lot. I stayed away for awhile because of the backlash that seems to go with this company but when a color I'd been eyeing went on sale I got some. Glad I did, I had no issues with my order or the products and want more.