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Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Persephone Minerals Review!

This is extremely overdue and I deeply apologize to Victoria. But on the bright side, my laptop is finally back in my possession and I can finally resume my normal blogging. Today I have Persephone Minerals. This company has some of the nicest customer service I have come across and she has some of the most gorgeous colors. So let's get this review started!

Pricing - 5 Samples  - $5
             5 Senshii Samples - $6.25
             3 Stardust Shimmer or Mystical Highlight Samples - $6
             Full Size Eye Shadow - $5
             Full Size Stardust Shimmer or Mystical Highlight - $10
             Shipping - Full Size (Any) - $3
                             Samples (Any) - $1.75
                             With Another Item - $0.01

TAT + Delivery - Average (2.5 weeks)

Shadow Amounts - Samples - 1/8th tsp
                             Full Size - 1/2 tsp in a 3g jar

Extras - 2 Samples

Packaging - Patterned Organza Bags.

Photo time! These swatches are all dry without primer.

 See how full the full sized jars are!
 Here are the sample bags!

Dead Ringer - is a really gorgeous brown with copper, red and gold sparklies. There is a slight copper shift in some lights. 

Spirit Realm - is probably the most gorgeous shadow I have ever laid eyes on. It is grey in the jar, rubs to a bright green with slight blue accents then suddenly without warning shifts to a bright blue. Please, just buy this color. 

Cotton Candy - is a really pale almost metallic pink with a slight blue shift. 

Delusion - is a satiny purple with purple sparklies. 

Trance - is a slightly greyed pale blue with a slight purple shift. 
Asteri - is a dark navy with some copper sparklies. I adore this color.

Escort - is a bright butt blue with light blue sparklies. Its so bright it almost hurts my eyes. 
Smoke - is a greyed out purple with multi-colored sparkilies.

Bicurious - is absolutely gorgeous. It is a baby blue with a peach/pink shift. 

Another angle of Bicurious.

Pluto Planet Power - is a gorgeous emerald green with green and light blue sparklies. 

Dead Scream - is a sating plum with silver sparklies.
Sailor Pluto - is a darker emerald green with green sparklies. 

Mars Crystal Power - is another gorgeous duo-chrome that starts as a bright red and shifts to a peach/gold.

Rei- is a blackened purple with purple sparklies. 

Elysian - is a brown with some gold accents.
Kore - is a blackened red with some red and gold sparklies. I love this color. 

My Favorites - Kore, Mars Crystal Power, Sailor Pluto, Bicurious, Asteri, Spirit Realm, and Dead Ringer. 

Persephone Minerals is a fantastic company that has some of my favorite colors. Their colors range from fairly simple to the extremely complex and this store is my go-to place for duo-chromes. Victoria is also the sweetest person and is extremely accommodating. If you haven't already, go grab some samples and try some stuff. She also has her new collections out. I ordered some =]. 

I will be posting my giveaway when everything gets here. But I have lots in store for everyone!



  1. Gah those are gorgeous, thanks for the swatches!

  2. I love trance and bicurious! So pretty :)

  3. Some of my favorite eyeshadows in my entire collection are Persephone as well! Love Spirit Realm and Bicurious.