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Saturday, November 12, 2011

My Pretty Zombie Re-Visited! (Eye shadows)

My Pretty Zombie is a company that I adore. Since they opened they have increased their eye shadow range and added new products.

Pricing: 3 Samples - $3 + $0.64 Shipping
            Full Size - $5 + $1.75 Shipping
            Set of 3 Full Sizes - $15 + $2 Shipping
            Set of 5 Full Sizes - $20 + $3 Shipping

Shipping -Average (2 week delivery)

Shadow Amounts - Samples - 1/4 teaspoon
                              Full Size - 1.5 grams

Extras - 2 Extra Samples
             Zombie-like Toy Items

Packaging - Comes in a bag or a box depending on your order size.

Swatches (with no primer used!)

Full Sized Jar I purchased awhile back.

Henrywinkle - is a soft greyed lilac shadow with some blue undertones to it. 
Monstrous Industry - is a more metallic lilac with a light blue shift. 
Amacyst - is a blackened purple with purple sparklies. 

Gangrenous - is a semi-metallic purple with green and blue shifts. 
Tarayvonne - is a satin navy with copper and red sparklies.
Maryjane - is a satin greyed forrest green with some pink undertones. 

New Age Dolls - is a semi-matte charcoal with some green undertones. 
Bettie - is a satin dark robins egg blue.
Rabies - is a satin light teal with lilac shifts.

Static - is a satin blackened yellow.
Davanh - is a satin blackened purple, like Anacyst but without the sparklies. 
Disquiet - is a semi-matte lime green with a blue shift. Also this rubs down to a blue too. 

996 - is satin bright blue.
Quinsy - is a semi- matte dark lime with blue sparklies. 
Varicose - is a matte blue with some subtle blue sparklies.

Moist - is a shimmery orange.
Thundernuts - its a semi- matte light brown with blue sparklies.

Unicorn Pee - is a matte white with super amounts of holographic glitter.
Law Firm Lamb Cake - is a matte white with a like purple/pink shift with pastel sparklies. 
Rabid Weasel - is a matte light grey.
Cookie Pants - is a satin brown with a pink shift. 

My Favorites - Henrywinkle, Monstrous Industry, Tarayvonne, Maryjane, Rabies, Disquiet, Law Firm Lamb Cakes, and Unicorn Pee. 

My Pretty Zombie is an amazing company with unique shadows and other unique products. They have very good prices and the personal touches they put in their packages makes then a really awesome company. I suggest you check them out and make a sample order! I will be reviewing the blushes very soon.




  1. I have been eyeing Thundernuts for quite some time. Maybe a gift order is due to myself for Christmas!

  2. I love MPZ! Have you tried the mNg trio? I highly recommend it!