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Friday, November 18, 2011

VIE Halloween Collection Swatches!

I recently bought samples from VIE's Halloween Collection. I am a sucker for duochromes and couldn't pass these up. This also came with their new Crazy Primer (review to come).

Sample Amount - between 1/16th and 1/8th in baggies (transferred to clamshells)

Price - $14 + Shipping (I bought during a discount and free shipping promotion

Shipping Times- Below Average (3-4 weeks)

Extras - Extra Sample (Hippo)

Witchy - is a really shifty purple/green duochrome. The shift is extremely noticeable and is probably the most noticeable shift of the bunch. 

Love Zombie - is an acid green with a slight gold shift and some black sparklies. This is my least favorite. 

Haunting - is a red/purple shade with copper sparklies. 

Midnight Hour - is a matte black with black and rainbow sparklies. I am really glad that Jenni has updated her formula for mattes since my last order. My last order I received a black matte that was so chalky it was unusable. This formula is a lot smoother and more pigmented.  

Scaredy Cat - is a red with a gold shift. This reminded me of Persephone's Mars Crystal Power, but after a comparison, they are not alike. 

Hippo - is a semi-matte muted purple with subtle purple sparklies. This color is also really pigmented and smooth.

My Favorites: Scaredy Cat, Witchy, and Hippo. 

If you haven't already go ahead and purchase from Virus Insanity Eyeshadow. They are having a pretty intense Black Friday/Cyber Monday Sale, so I would wait til then to purchase =]. Here is my original review and swatches


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