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Thursday, August 25, 2011

Virus Insanity Eyeshadow Review!

I've been watching this company, Virus Insanity Eyeshadow, on facebook for quite some time. They are a store based on facebook so you would have to ask to get invoiced. I don't mind that too much (since I just learned how to invoice things now). But when they started doing their "Get the Look" sales, I couldn't resist. I was deciding between the brights and the pastels and I went with the pastels. I received 4 full sized jars for the $11 (sale of the week) price with $5 shipping. Not too bad. The jars weren't very filled because of the sifter (maybe about half). I also got a sample which came in a clam shell which had a small amount in it. But since it was free its all good. Since they are based off of facebook, their prices for individual shadows varies. On the site it states that one shadow is $5. I received my stuff really quickly and it was packaged perfectly. Wanna see some swatches?

*no primer was used*

I really like the top of their labels. Nice and clean.

Now, here was my only problem. Read this label. It looks clean. But you get to the May Contain. Then that is all you see. But wait, then there is a WARNING! "The safety of this product has not been determined." Ummm....what? This may or may not be safe? I find this a little concerning. Especially because you don't know. I would hope that the pastels would be safe. I would hope that soon she would work on a better ingredients system or we might have another Glittersniffer problem. I hope not, because I actually really like these. But it does say Approved for Eyes. 

The Godfather - is the free sample I got. Its a really awesome matte red with a touch of fushia in it. Its actually really smooth and I had no problem applying this whatsoever. This actually reminds me of the WnW holiday palette red that everyone loved that I never had. I actually had this on yesterday with a white underneath it and it turned into this really awesome bright red with some pink flashes and everyone on my floor loved it.  

Fiona - is a really pretty soft sea foam green with some rose gold shimmer to it. Its rather gorgeous and I adore it. If you look carefully you can see the rose gold along the edges. 

Snow White - is a squee shadow. Its an amazingly amazing light blue with a purple shimmer. I absolutely adore this color. 

Belle - is a shimmery pastel yellow. This is probably my least favorite of the bunch. But I do how pastel yellows brighten up my eyes. 

Tinkerbell - is a soft teal, which I adore, with a pink shimmer to it. This is an absolutely gorgeous color. It makes me smile just thinking about it. 

Overall I really adore Virus Insanity Eyeshadow. I really wish they would work on their labeling but their products are to die for. I would recommend giving them a look and making a purchase. She is usually always having a good deal and her TAT is amazing. Erin is also amazingly nice. Give em a look. I am definitely going to make another order. 


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  1. I would definitely not purchase from here. Thanks for the ingredient list, I was currently in search of it in which says all organic on the Facebook but does not show what it contains just a broken link. In that case I did a bit of research myself from safe cosmetics to fda in which these are not organic and 3 of the ingredients ARE NOT SAFE for your face. Unless your in to putting small shards of rock and metal on your face that are commonly used in fuels, sheet rock, drywall, house paints, adhesives and other such things I do not recommend this. Colors are pretty but I would rather not risk my eye site by something that is not tested and approved.

  2. Have you checked out their new art? It's pretty kickass :)

    And to the commented above...uhh...what? Which 3? They may not be vegan, but I don't see anything that is akin to "putting small shards of rock and metal on your face"

  3. When something says the safety hasn't been determined, it's a "cover your a$$" statement because you haven't had your products lab tested on bunnies, basically. It's not really cause for alarm. Also, anonymous commenter is hilarious, and clearly has no clue how mineral makeup is made.

  4. Magnets, how do they work? It must be some kind of miracle.

  5. Boy I sure hope you're letting big name companies like MAC, Chanel, and such that they're using small shards of rock and metal in their products and they they aren't FDA approved since you seem to be the all-powerful and all-knowing ruler of makeup ingredients Anonymous person up there...

    Also excuse me while I go apply small shards of rock/metal to my eyeballs.

  6. OMG! SOMEONE GET ME A WIPE! THERE'S METAL ON MAH FACE! oooh. shiny. never mind