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Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Innocent + Twisted Alchemy Awesomeness!

I'm in this awesome little beauty blogger group on facebook and some people were selling some old shadows and I picked up a few (well alot). One of the fantastic people happens to own a company called Innocent + Twisted Alchemy and in my package gave me an awesome sample of one of her shadows. The shadow I received was Comsumed by Agony. My sample came in a clam shell and was packed full of product, which runs for $2 on her shop with $1 shipping and her full sizes which come packed in 5g jars are $6 with $1.50 shipping. I find this really reasonable. I adore her eyeshadow names and the colors look awesome! Let me show you my swatch!

Consumed by Agony - is a gorgeous gray color with gold and green sparklies. Exactly how its described on the website. The color was extremely soft and buttery and I loved it. I wanna order more! But I'm on a no buy =/

Overall even though I only tried one shadow, I love it! I want more!!!! =] Go check out the  lovely Innocent + Twisted Alchemy. Trust me, its awesome!



RABB swatches
AL swatches galore

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