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Thursday, August 25, 2011

Dawn Eyes Cosmetics Swatches!

So, the amazing Dawn reached 500! Which means she was going to have a super awesome amazing sale!!! And she did. And it was amazing. I ordered the 3 full jars and 5 samples for $12 (i know best deal ever for like the best shadows ever right?) Now the full jars I ordered I swatched before in my initial review. I ordered Mystic Dawn, Grey Fire, and Pittsburgh Blue. So I'm not gonna reswatch them. But I got 2 extra samples in my order! Also this order got here super duper fast!!!

Onto the swatches!

so many pretties!!!!!

Fresh Earth - was one of the free ones I got. It is a brown with some subtle silver glitter. Its a kinda sheerer nude which is rather nice. 

Glittering Periwinkle - is the other free sample I received. It is a really pretty light purple shade with tons of purple sparklies in it.

Mermaid - was soooo hard to photograph. Mermaid is a gorgeous ocean color with a pinky purple duochrome with blue sparklies. Need full jar. Need full jar. NOW!

Blue Raspberry - is a gorgeous light pastel blue with little pink accents and sparklies. Its really pretty. Its the lighter version of Mystic Dawn. Need full jar too. 

Wild Strawberry - is a really pretty peachy pink shade with green and gold accents and green and pink sparklies. 

Copper Fog - is another one of those purple/maroon and brown duochromes that I just can't get enough of. This one though, has subtle purple sparklies. 

Cosmic - is absolutely stunning. Its a dark purple with light purple accents and multicolored sparklies. I want a full jar!!!

Hope you enjoyed the swatches!!


Bunches of swatches

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