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Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Aromaleigh Swatches of love Part 1!

Awhile ago, on the amazing facebook group I'm in. A lovely fellow blogger and I won a cute little Aromaleigh giveaway and we promised to split up the goods. I finally got my good and I squeed about 50 times because that's about how many shadows there were. So, I'm doing my swatches in parts. Here is part one! These were all taken in natural light.

Mystery 1 - is a pretty peachy color with an purple duochrome. 
Mystery 2 - is a grey blue color with a gold duochrome.
Mystery 3 - is a dark matte purple with some red sparklies. 

Blue Purple Oops - is a satin dark blue purple color. 
A4 Oops - is a pinky brown color with multi colored sparklies. 
Ruby - is a satin fushia color.

Cocoa Mauve - is a dark brown color with a blue duochrome.

B5 Oops - is an emerald green shadow with silver sparklies.
Alexandrite - is a gorgeous royal purple satin.
Regal - is a pretty purple pink color with a blue duochrome. 

Cranked - is a dark red/pink color.
Sage - is a shimmery pastel green color with some blue accents. 
C14 Oops - is a really light neutral with holo sparklies. 

Vidette - is a matte lilac.
Flutterby - is a magenta with multi sparklies.
Opps - is a light grey with a gold duochrome.

C16 Oops - is a dark grey with a dark green duochrome. 
C17 Oops - is a almost black with multi sparklies.
Vapor - is a really light blue matte. 

Id have to say my favorites are: well all of them! I didn't dislike a single one in the slightest! 

Im gonna start swatching part 2 now!


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  1. I'm so glad that you like them! I realized I would never wear the AL that was given to me by a friend (and another fellow blogger!), so I thought they should go to someone that would adore and wear them!