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Monday, August 8, 2011

The Chequered Lily Revisit Review!

This company brings back old memories. This company (originally known as Moonrise Studios) was my first ever review. They are the company who really got me into the Indie Makeup scene and what has kept me trying different companies. I have watched this company grow and change names to The Chequered Lily. I wanted to see how well this company grew since I last swatched them. Their prices are still amazing. For the 8 samples I received it was only $3 and $0.65 shipping. Their full jars (which contain 1g of product in a 5g jar) are $5 with $2.90 shipping. I feel like that is about average now these days for a full jar of shadow. Her CS is really nice. I got my order within a week. And she even refunded my order because she said she owed me credit from when I did my original review way back in December. So, these samples were sent to me for FREE. I promise my review will be unbiased towards that fact. Now, Kimberly has changed her system since then, but she was nice enough to "give credit where credit was due"

So now that I wrote a ton, let me show you some pretties!

*I did not use any primer*

Rickroll - is a very Autumny bronze shade with some multi sparklies in it. Under a daybulb, it has a pink tint to it. Which is super duper awesome. 

Trolled - is a dark olive/forest color with multi sparklies. It also has some gold tones in certain lights. 

Black Valentine - is a black base shadow with lots of red sparklies. In some lights it looks almost purple to me. I know you can't really see the sparklies here. But they exist. 

Crackberry - is a really awesome color. Its a dark grape color with turquoise sparklies. You can see the sparklies better in the above photo.

Hyacinth - is gorgeous. Its a lilac/light blue duochrome. Its amazing. I'm wearing it right now. And over UDPP Sin, it looks like a dusty lilac then all the sudden BLUE FLASH! I need full jar. 

Kelpie - is a really cute sky blue color. It has some gold flashes. 

Alice - is asdkjshaghadfjae etc. awesome. It is a really pretty pastel blue/gold duochrome. Its absolutely gorgeous. I need this is my possession. 

Ice 9 - is a really pretty pastel blue color.

Snowdrift - is one of her upcoming shadows. This was pretty sheer to me and seemed like it would make a fantastic highlight. I never really use highlights or brow colors but this seems perfect for it. 

The Chequered Lily is making its way up to becoming a favorite in my Indie company. Her shadows are really gorgeous and complex. But some are simple too. I also love how she's grown in the last 9 months since I first reviewed her. I will definitely be making another order. and I suggest you order some samples. 

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  1. Yay, you got the Interwebz trio! Kimberly did such an awesome job making those.

  2. Thak you so much for the swatches, the colors are very nice