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Wednesday, August 10, 2011

My first ever Franken.

I started packing for college. And I had to start packing up my nail polish and makeup. So, I was trying to get rid of some almost empty nail polishes and then I got the idea to combine them together. I had an almost empty top coat, my MAC Noctornelle, then I added some green and silver cosmetic glitter and finally I added some eyeshadow (HVC Moshing Pit) and I mixed it all together. After about 20 minutes of mixing I got this really awesome dark green/gray color with silver glitter (the green melted away) with flashes of pink and purple in different lights. I named the polish Glorius. After my boyfriend since he helped me shake it. lol. well here it is.

Can you see the pink?

So here is my first franken. I actually really had fun doing it. I think I'm gonna make some more. I have an idea of making a white polish wit red sparkles. Things like that. It'll give me something to do when I'm not studying in college =]. 



  1. Such a pretty color :) also not a bad idea for things to do in school, plus it saves money on new nail polishes that aren't nearly as unique as this one