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Wednesday, August 24, 2011

My Beauty Addiction Mini Review!!!

So, I'm officially moved into my college dorm (sorry about the absence) and I managed to bring all my makeup along! After a grueling week of band camp (a week of cold and rainy weather full of wet shoes and now i have a horrible cold). But I'm finally back in my dorm and I had 3 lovely packages of makeup awaiting my return. The first one was my My Beauty Addiction gift I received from Sherrie since I didn't get to be one of her lip models. I found this to be very sweet that she gave all the people who weren't chosen a free gift. After some thought I chose Sea Breeze as my color. Unfortunately, whenever I try to download anything on the internet here, it doesnt want to work. So, I cannot edit text into the photos...but theres only two colors. So i think its ok.
Sherrie sells makeup, B&B, and more. Her e/s are about $5 for a 5g jar with about 1-1.5g of e/s in them. Shipping is $2.

*i did not use primer under the swatches*

Darkness Falls - was a free sample I received in a medium clam shell. It is a black shadow with blue sparklies in it. It is really pretty.

Sea Breeze - is a minty green shadow with some silver sparklies in it. It was really soft and pretty. I really like this shadow. 

Here they are with flash

Overall, I like My Beauty Addiction but I feel like they are a little one sided for my taste. While looking on their store, I didn't see too many new and exciting colors even though I did see colors I liked, some colors just seemed like colors that are pretty simple to me. Or they seem like colors I've seen before. I am undecided if I will buy again.


Virus Insanity Eyeshadow
More Dawn Eyes Cosmetics
Bunches of Samples
My Dorm (when its done anyway) 

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