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Friday, September 2, 2011

AL Swatches of Love Part 2!

So here is part 2 of the amazing shadows from Shelby and Lisa!

Oops - is a really gorgeous matte navy color. Perfect for fall and winter may I add.
Athena - is a really pretty metallicy like purple/pink.
Zabaglione - is a banana yellow with yellow sparklies. Its very bright and pretty.

Amarena - Is a really pale shiny pink color.
Pistacchio - is a sheer dark mint with blue and silver sparklies. Its so awesome. Its like a perfect color for all seasons. 

Fior di Latte - is another pale pink color but this one is more matte then Amarena.
Bacio - is a gorgeous bronzy gold color.

Mirtillo - is a light sheer grey color with purple accents with silver sparklies.
Melograni - is a really pretty red strawberry color.
Melone - is an amazing dark teal. Perfect for my fall wardrobe.

Fragola - is a pretty pinky peach color.
Tiramisu - is a really dark brown with silver sparklies.
Ciocolatto - is a lighter brown and is very shimmery.

Mela - is a nice cyan color with subtle sparklies.
Pera - is a sparklie light grey with silver sparklies.

Liquinza - is a dark blue almost black matte like color. 
Menta - is a really light mint color with some subtle sparklies.
Lampone - is a light orange color with some gold shimmer. 

Malaga - is a sheer muted raspberry matte.
Albicocco - is a bright slightly burnt orage with some blue and silver sparklies.
Mora - is a reddish brown color with silver sparklies. 

Biscotti - is a nice shimmery tan color. 
Rosemarino - is a light shimmery taupey color. 
Nicciola - is a bright tan matte.

Fico - is a maroon matte.
Puffo - is a sky blue shimmer color. 

My favorites of these are: Oops, Pistacchio, Mirtillo, Melone, Fragola, Mela, and Puffo. 

Thank you so much Shelby and Lisa for these amazing shadows <3.

But theres still more left! I have more AL from other ppl!!! =]


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