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Sunday, September 4, 2011

Epically Epic Soap Co. Lip Balm Review!!

A little over a week ago I received my order from Epically Epic Soap Co. My goal in college is to start using all Indie products. So, I thought I need some soap! My first thought was Epically Epic. I looked over their shop and grabbed a bar of soap in I Love Lychee! Who can't turn down Lychee. Its amazing (review coming soon) and since I was running out of lip balm, I grabbed a lip balm trio in Vanilla Coke, Gummy Bears and Pumpkin Pie. The Trio was $10.50 and each lip balm on its own is $3.50 shipping is $1.75. The Trio came in an adorable box. If you order the Trio you can pick 3 lip balms out of a really long list.

Picture Time!!

This really smells like Vanilla Coke, which is my absolute favorite drink ever. This actually has a sheer nude color to it. This is the only one I used to far. 

This smells exactly like my favorite treat. GUMMY BEARS! This has no color to it. 

My favorite fall desert Pumpkin Pie. YUMMMMMM! It smells amazing. It is also clear in color in the lips. 

The formula on these is so smooth and creamy. Its amazing. Better than any lip balm I've ever used. I've been converted to Indie Lip Balms. They are amazing. The end. I will have my soap review up when I use it for the first time. Try out Epically Epic!



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