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Sunday, September 11, 2011

AL Swatches of Love Part 3!

So here are even more swatches from Aromaleigh, a company that I miss more than anything. But word on the street is, that the lovely Miss K is blogging again and she might be starting something pretty amazing. So here are more of my Aromaleigh colors.

Planetearth - is an amazing light sheer blue color with some silver sparklies. Its my favorite light blue colors that I always obsess with. 
Bluespark - is a darker version of Planetearth with more silver sparklies. Also extremely gorgeous.
Neptune - is a light teal with a gold duochrome. Its a fabulous color.

Lychee - is a pink and purple duochrome. It almost has a metallicy look.
Pheobe - is a dark blue with some purple and silver sparklies in it. It will be an amazing color for fall.
Moonagedaydream - is a navy with gold sparklies and a slight gold duochrome. 

What's Shakin - is a light purple matte color.
Daddy-O - is a dusty light blue matte. This is my absolute fav color.
Fake Out - is a bright blue/purple matte.

Big Tickle - is a bright blue matte.
Heels on Fire - is a pink/purple matte.

Frigid Gloom - is a light blue with pink sparklies in it. Its really pretty. 
Brazen & Bitter - is a bright orange/pink color with some orange sparklies.
Ruthless Indulgence - is a satin black with pink and silver sparklies.

Wildflower - is a matte purple blush. It goes on somewhat unevenly as you can see but it is rather smooth.

I think there are still more AL in my dorm somewhere and I have more on the way. So there will probably be a part 4!


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