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Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Detrivore Review!!!

On the final days before my no-buy, I was told by some lovely ladies about a wonderful sale going on at Detrivore, a company that I was dying to try but never had the guts. They ranted and raved about their formula and convinced me to go for their 10 jars for $20 sale. In a little over a week, a package appeared in my dorm post office full of gorgeousness. Their full jars which are 5g jars with sifters are $4 and samples are $1. Their shipping is $3. I adore their website and their GIANT range of colors. They also have Primers, blushes, and face stuffles.

*there is no primer underneath these shadows*

Shroud - is a silver with lots of silver sparklies. I really adore silvers right now. 

Muse - is a light purple with a pink sheen to it. It also has some blue to it. Its so pretty! 

Glacier - is a matte pastel blue. I love it. Its not chalky at all and its awesome. 

Benthos - is a navy matte. My new favorite matte color. its amazing. I want to use this but I need the right outfit. Meh. 

Bog Body - is the perfect color. Its a gorgeous sky blue matte. I wanna wear this with Benthos.  

Cremains - is a dark grey with lots of silver sparklies. Its so beautiful.

Saprophyte - is a light blue/purple with pink and purple sparklies. 

Decomposition - is a bright blue with blue sparklies. 

Faithless - is a gorgeous grape lollipop color (i have way too many of these) but the formula for this is just pure amazingness. 

Hysteria - is a really pretty green with a tint of blue .

Guilty - is a really awesome color. Its a dark tan color with a pink shift. This is such an awesome color. This is my absolute fav neutral ever.

Gengrene - is a silky minty green with some subtle sparklies. 

OVERALL the only conclusion I can come to is: I NEED MORE NOW!!!!! This stuff is amazing. The prices are fantastic, the formula is great, the range of colors is amazing, I just need more. Everyone needs to grab some jars. 


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