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Monday, September 12, 2011

CVS Haul!

I went to go pick up some medication and while I was there I saw they the CVS on campus get the WnW LE stuffs. So I picked up a pretty eyeliner. And then I grabbed some of the WnW lippies because this week WnW was BOGOFREE! I also grabbed some Fright Night Claw Nail Polish and some Confetti nail polish to boot. The total was only $20 and it was my own cash from before I even left for college. So here are some picks of my haul!

Smitten - is a purple/blue polish with blue, purple, and some red glitter in it. The glitter doesn't show up too well when applied. 

Party Palace Blue - looks like an OPI Last Friday Night Dupe but since I don't own the OPI one I can't be certain. Party Palace Blue is a blue tinted clear base with different sized blue, green, and orange sparkles.

Voodoo - is a red with red sparklies. 

Phantom - is a medium grey with holo sparklies in it. Its a really awesome polish. 

 Here are the WnW lippies!

909D - is a coral pink color. 

903C - is a dusty pinky peach shade. 

916D - is a vampy purple. In the direct sun it looks dark purple, in the shade it has a red hue to it. 

281C - was the Raspberry chap stick. It smells more like plastic then raspberry. But I was surprised that it had some color to it. I didn't like this as much as I thought I would. It had that waxy taste to it which makes my throat really dry. 

Mystical - is a purple eyeliner with holo sparklies in it. Its a liquid eyeliner from the Holloween WnW collection. I couldn't pass it up. 

 Also todaii i received 5 packages. =] Lots of bloggin to do!


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