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Sunday, September 25, 2011

Black Rose Minerals Swatches!

I love sales. I'm a bargain buyer. Especially since I'm a college student living in my own money supply now (still unemployed of course...). I've been thinking getting a job would be probably the best idea. But that doesn't matter right now. What matters is the absolute gorgeous things I received from Black Rose Minerals. I ordered these during the 30% off sale. I ordered 20 samples and a mystery set for my upcoming giveaway =]. I love this company. She has such a wide range of shades and a wide range of coverage (sheer-opaque) and she also has all types of shadows (mattes-super glitters). She also has some of my favorite pinks. Now, remember I don't really like pinks. But I adore her pinks. But in this sample order, I ordered mostly blues =P.

Lets see some swatches of magic and love!

Lady - is a pretty light blue color with a gold shine to it. I really love blues like this. 
Lost - is a semi-matte bright blue. 
Marlon - is a dark blueberry color and is also a semi-matte.

Peritwinkle - is a light blue/purple color with a gorgeous pink shift. I really need a full jar of this.
Fawndled - is a really pretty dark tan color. This is really soft. Perfect for autumn.
Lagrimas - is a super light blue/green color. This has some nice shine and sparklies to it. It has light blue sparklies in it. 

Minty - is a super super light green with a silver sheen to it. 
Baccus - look at this. Look at it. It is gorgeous. This pink/purple masterpiece matte. I cannot wait to wear this. 
Daft - this is the ultimate grape lollipop color. So bright! It has a blue sheen to it too!

Sienna - is a mysterious color. One second its a teal. The next its a gold green. Then a gold, then a gold blue. Its an amazing color. I can haz full jar?
Ultraviolence - is a really pretty lilac color. 
Mome Rath - and another pretty pink! Here is a bright fushia semi-matte. I love this color. Its not too in your face pepto pink and it won't make it look like your eyes are diseased. 

Hello, Kitten - is a gorgeous coral color with some gold sparklies. 
Calypso - is a silver/light blue shimmer. It is rather sheer.
Dark Wing - is a dark purple with blue shimmer. It has some blue sparklies as well.

Prozzac - is a really gorgeous light blue with a purple sheen to it. 
Alice - is a bright blueberry color with some blue sparklies in it. 
Silver and Cold - is a dark silver with silver sparklies in it (I love the AFI song btw.). 

A-peal - is a bright yellow like a banana. It also has some yellow sparklies. 
Desserted - is a very subdued pepto pink. It is rather pretty. This is a semi-matte
Liberty - is a dark green with silver sparklies. Perfect for autumn. 

So, they they are, the lovely Black Rose Minerals. I really suggest you give this lovely gem of a shop a look and a buy. She just released her Luciferi Collection for Halloween and it has some absolutely gorgeous colors. 


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