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Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Psyche Minerals Swatches

I decided to jump on the Heartsy band wagon and I bought a voucher for a company I love. Psyche Minerals. The deal was I pay $10 for $25 of products and I only had to pay $7.65 extra for shipping and an extra jar I bought. The only problem I found with the whole purchase, was I felt that my jars weren't very filled. The sifter took up a lot of room in the jar causing there to not be much product. It only had a little bit more product then what came in a Fyrinnae mini jar. I found this slightly disappointing. Even though it was a "discounted" order I felt like it should have been treated like my original order. Unless that is how all her products are now. I am not saying I had a bad experience with Heartsy, despite how they have allegedly been treating sellers, I had a bad experience with the product packing. Her products are still gorgeous as usual though.

On the left is the Psyche Minerals jar. The right is the Fyrinnae mini jar.

Wing Snake - is a grey blue color with a metallic feel to it. I love this color. Its really awesome and perfect for the upcoming months.

Phonecian Royalty - is a dark purple with some silver and blue sparklies. Its also absolutely gorgeous. 

Retro Pink - is a nice pepto pink with blue sparklies. 

Battle Rex - is a color I do already own a sample of, but its a bright spring green with yellow sparklies. 

Zuum - is a teal with extra green with lots of sparklies.

Enterprise - is a dark blue with some blue sparklies.

Aerith - is one of her new Final Fantasy Shadows. It is a bronzy gold color with lots of blue and holo sparklies. 


Like I said, if the jars were either filled properly, I fell as if I would be happier with this purchase. But I adore all these shadows. And I can't wait to wear them in the fall! I wish she would bring Slime back. I love Slime. 


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  1. I hope you emailed the company about that because that's not okay. I just ordered from a pretty well known company and they did the same exact thing to me. I specifically bought full size jars. Super irritating!

  2. I first want to see if this is how all her packaging is done now. Cuz with the sifter in it was pretty much packed. But the sifter was a deep sifter.