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Sunday, September 18, 2011

FYRINNAE!! I'm only slightly excited..

As a really early bday present (my bday is October 15th) I made an order with Fyrinnae. The last order I made from Fyrinnae was Christmas last year so I was craving another order. I waited til they opened again and when they did I quickly made an order. I barely qualified for the free shipping but it was worth it. The pretties arrived a lot sooner then I thought. I received my pretties in about a week. I giggled and squealed like a 4 year old on Christmas getting a Game Boy Color (that's what I did when I was 4. I was a nerd back then) So here come to pretties!!

Now let me mention that the full jars are so full, I was afraid that when I opened it i was gonna spill everything!

Catrina Cabaret - is a dark grey with pink and purple shifts. Its so amazingly gorgeous.

Curiouser and Curiouser - is a gorgeoues blue which shifts to a light blue/green. Another gorgeous color!

Cupcake Sprinkles - is a light pinky purple with lots of shimmer and some blue accents. Can I just say that I adore this color. 

Blue Whale - is a blue with a huge purple shift. This is so prety. I love it. 

Eternal Innocence - is a green matte color. It was a free sample I received. It was a little too sheer for my taste. 

Dark Magik - is just...fantastic. It is a dark reddish pink with blue sparklies. Absolutely gorgeous. I need a full jar of this.

Chrome - is a really light fluffy metallic silver. You definitely need some PE for this one. This color just wasn't me. 

Delvian - is a blue with some purple sparklies in it. It is rather pretty.

Biker Chic - is a matte black with blue sparklies. I have some colors like this. 

Boytoy - is a fantastic black base color with dark green sparklies and some blue accents.

Darling Misfit - is a dustly pinky blue color (I know this means purple) but it leans for on the pink side. It has a silvery blue shift to it. I also need a full jar of this. 

Bifrost - is a banana yellow with silvery sparklies in it. 

1.22 Gigawatts - is a bright as heck matte blue with silver sparklies. 

Crimson Ghost - is a white that shifts to a pinky red. Its glorious. I wish I could capture the shift. 

So here you have it. My start of building up my Fyrinnae collection. =] I have about...30 more jars to buy, maybe more depending on how much I like the mini jars i get. They are closed at the moment. But I hope they stay open forever. <3


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  1. How amazing is Fyrinnae? I made an order last week since they were open and I knew if I didn't get more pretties I'd regret it! Do you have Dinosaur Plushie? Definitely one to get for the collection along with Herbivore and Meerkat (why no, I am NOT obsessed with purple eyeshadows...heh)

  2. Those are all on my wishlist! I'm going in alphabetical order hehe. and I love purples too! but im obsessed with blues. Dinosaur plushie is next on my list! I think im gonna wear one tomorro. =]