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Tuesday, September 20, 2011

A New Chapter...

       So, I was thinking when I hit 10000 views (I am at 8819 at the moment) and 100 followers, I will host a giveaway! I have some Black Rose Minerals already set up and I'm gonna try looking for sponsors. This will not have nail polish so this will be an INTERNATIONAL giveaway for all my lovelies in the UK and Canada and everywhere else =]. What do you guys think?

         Also, after 2 months, I finally get to see my boyfriend! I know, I don't talk about him too much on here but I try to keep this Indie related as much as I can. So here is a recap on my life as of now. I am now a freshman at the University of Pittsburgh. Which is 6 hours away from where I used to live in NJ. My boyfriend is still in NJ and I haven't seen him since I left. He got me a really adorable ring and sent me an amazing care package. We plan on getting married eventually.
         I'm adjusting to college life, spending my money on makeup, going on no-buys. I live in a single dorm and my room has Beatles posters, a Domo poster and a Winnie the Pooh poster. I have some stuffed animals (all that my boyfriend gave me (his name is Kevin)). Kevin and I have been dating for almost 7 months now and I am the happiest person in the world with him. I love him more than makeup. He knows I blog and of my makeup obsession. He thinks its cute. I'm wondering if he will read this post. lol But hes the most amazing person on the planet and if you are friends with me on facebook, you can see he is all I talk about (sorry if that is annoying).
         I am in the marching band at Pitt I will be on ABC channel this saturday. It is truly exciting!! National television. Look for me okay? lol Try to? But I did hurt my ankle and I am slowly working back to get it's strength so I can march properly. I'm trying my hardest. Its tough man. But I've lost about 15 pounds doing it. I feel great.
        I would also just like to thank everyone who helped me get to this point in my life. Blogging life, life life. Whatever life. All the people in the facebook groups who always support me, my twitter buddies, Kevin and my friends here and at home. I miss you all and hope to meet you all one day. You always inspire me to strive harder, to be better, and to create some wacky makeup combo. And for that, I thank you. This rant must end eventually so here it goes!

The end. And a beginning of a new chapter in my life.



  1. I'm glad you're liking everything and doing well. I'm totally gonna kick your butt for not telling me you had trouble with the gel liner. I didn't know until I stumbled across it. I'm gonna experiment with it some to make it better. Thanks for everything!

  2. I thought I told u! Sowwy. And I hope your doing better.