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Monday, September 12, 2011

Antionette's Revolution Cosmetics Swatches!

During the amazing sale at Antionette's Revolution Cosmetics site, I bought 6 full size jars (of which I previously swatched and loved) and some samples.

Icing Collection Blue - is a sweet baby blue with some purple sparklies.

Nymphe - is a sheer olivey blue color with some silver sparklies in it. 

Le Gateau - is a very very light yellow with some white sparklies.

Icing Collection Purple - is a shimmery grape color.

Contesse - is a bronzey color with lots of sparklies.

La Fontaine - is a bright shimmery silver

Duchesse - is a matte purple color. 

Antionette's Revolution Cosmetics is an awesome company. With really sweet customer service and now has a brand new website! My still favorite colors are Marie, Dusty Rose, and von Fersen.


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