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Monday, October 10, 2011

VIE Swatchlove!

On the first of every month VIE has a weird kind of sale where they allow buyers to buy from the custom collections individually and as a whole. I decided to take advantage of that and I ordered one collection and 10 other jars (random ones). Personally, I love VIE. Her shadows are very colorful and have lots of different styles. I feel now though, that she is becoming a bigger store, she should open one! Right now, you can only access her on facebook, which I personally don't mind, but I feel opening a store would be beneficial to her.  Well, lets move onto the pretties!

Free Samples:
Paranoia - is a sweet yellow with a silver iridescence. 
Luck of the Irish - is a light orangy gold.
Lumos - is a sheer white with silver sparklies. 

Full Jars:
Bipolar - is a light orange with blue sparklies. Definitely need a glitter glue for this one.
Obscene - is a black matte. I feel like the formula needs some work though. It was very hard to apply and it shed everywhere. 

Spektra - is a favorite. It is a bright pink with a blue/purple shift.
Swamp Creature - was a color with a lot of promise. In the jar it looked like the most gorgeous like blue. On it looks like a metallic white with a light blue/green shift. 

Endless Strength - is a really pretty purple with a teal shift. 
Friend Bear - is a metallic pastel orange. 
Koi - is a bright orange with metallic shimmer.

Live for Today - is a sheer ocean blue. 
Soft Waters - is an almost metallic sky blue. 
Fishy - is an extremely metallic teal. Reminds me of the Rainbow Fish thing. 

Pokemon Collection:
Gardevoir - is a really pretty mint green with silver and black sparklies.
Espeon - is a light baby pink with purple sparklies.

Mismagius - is a dark purple with orange and rainbow sparklies.
Mew - is a satiny light light pink

As you can see some of these really wowed me and some did not. Now that she is pretty established. I think she should perfect her colors and formula. I really want to order her Crazy Primer and her Halloween Collection. And all the colors on my wishlist. =] 


  1. I spy more pokemon themed eyeshadows <3 Am in love! They've got gardevoir perfect! Fishy is beautiful. It reminds me of a book my class used to fight over during library class - it had a metallic fish on the cover which had hologram 3d scales. Brings back good memories :)Will have to give VIE a go next pay day.

  2. Fishy is one of my faves! Love it.

  3. @Eillie - Pokemon collections are the best <3 and I know exactly what you are talking about with fishy. Its what I thought of too!
    @Jen - I love Fishy too but its almost on the too metallic side for my taste.

  4. I LOVE Vie and you def need the primer, it's ahmazing <3