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Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Now its getting crazy!

I feel really horrible about this rant...meh. So my grammar might go down the toilet because it happens when I get angry. I lost my memory card for my camera over a week ago and I ordered a new one through Amazon. Now, I didn't order it through another company then through Amazon, I ordered it straight through Amazon. Amazon Prime to boot. They told me I would receive my package on October 6. I thought that was great. Especially because my boyfriend was coming all the 6 hours to see me for the weekend and I thought what a fun idea it would be to take some pictures of us for once. But no. October 6 passed and no package. I was like "Okay maybe tomorrow." But no. Still nothing. The weekend passed and I didn't get any pictures of my boyfriend and I. Which made me rather upset cause the weather was amazing. But thats not the point. Whenever I would check the tracking on Amazon it said the package was stuck in Indiana. Now, it says "We're sorry. We are unable to retrieve tracking information for this shipment at this time." What is that supposed to mean! Its a memory card!!! Not a bomb!!! Why did you hold it for 6 days then say its not there!  Now, I'm pissed. because I would really love to do blog work. Its a fantastic day for it. I have so many things to blog about too! but no!!!!!! I have no camera usage for anything! I just want me package how hard it that! meh!!!!!!

*EDIT* My package got lost apparently and they refunded me. So I ordered another one. They also gave me a $5 gift card for my troubles. Which I thought was nice. I give Amazon Customer service an A+! 

Melon cat is angry!

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