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Monday, October 17, 2011

Evil Shades Halloween Swatchlove!

I was so excited when this came out I bought stuff on the first night! I adore Evil Shades. I just do. She has amazing colors and amazing lippies, just amazing everything. So here is part of the Halloween LE Collection!

Re-Animated - is a brown/blue/green shifty shade with amazing sparklies of copper and silver. I love this shade. Its so dynamic. 

Zombie Girl - is a nice soft green with blue accents. It has some pink shifts to it. I adore this color. Its also extremely dynamic!

Viral - is a sheer red with warm-toned sparklies. I love it! I just wish the red was slightly more present. 
Antivirus - is a sheer orange with green and yellow sparklies. I love this. It adds a slight orangey tone to my lips. 
These are swatched on bare lips!

Stormy - was a free sample I received. Its a metallic lilac with a blue shift. Its awesome to say the least. Its so smooth and pigmented. 

So here they are! Evil Shades Halloween LE Collection. This collection is amazing. I highly suggest the lippies and both of the eye shadows I got. Also, I think you should buy everything from Evil Shades. =]



  1. Love evil shades waiting on a little order myself!

  2. Cannot wait to get mine. =D These are so pretty.