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Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Darling Ghoul Swatchlove!!!

One day while I did my usual facebooking things, I read that Darling Girl Cosmetics was looking for ideas for her upcoming Halloween collection. Now, I've had this eye shadow color I've been wanting for years and no one has ever made that color. So, I thought "I'll give it a try and suggest my dream color." My dream color is: a pearly white with red sparklies. Now, I never realized that she would actually chose to make my color. But when I found out, I was so excited! This color is Dream Scream. I knew it had to be mine. So, in the process of ordering my colors, I ordered a sample set of the Darling Ghoul Collection and a petite of Dream Scream. I haven't ordered from Darling Girl in quite sometime, and I feel like I have fallen in love with this company again. Susan, the owner, has really come a long way and she deserves it 100%. Ready for the swatchlove?

Look at all the cute little extras! 

Will-o Wisp - is a gorgeous color. Its a really cute pink with a very strong whitish gold shimmer. I love it. 

Apparition - is a chrome color. This was probably my least favorite of the whole collection.

Jack's Lantern - is a dark purple with some red accents to it. I adore this color. I have been craving these types of purples and this one just does it for me. Its perfect. 
Witch & Famous - is a taupe with some reddish accents in it. There are also some gold sparklies in it. I usually never like taupes, but I love this color.

Pumpkin Eater - is a soft orange with a green shimmer. This is an awesome color. 
Pretty Plasma - is an watery blue color. I thought I would like this color more, but sadly I didn't. Maybe it is because I haven't tried it on my eyes yet. 

Scream Queen - is a pearly red. Apparently this is supposed to have sparklies in it but I didn't see any. But I love how this is not a matte like most reds I own tend to be. 
Bats in the Belfry - is an brown/olive color. I didn't expect to like this color but I really like it. Its a lot different than any other colors I happen to own. 

Crypt Keeper - might look very similar to Bats in the Belfry but you are wrong! Crypt Keeper is more gold toned than olive. I like this color too! 
Zombody to Love - is one of my favorites. Its a darkened blue with blue and gold sparklies. I love this color. Perfect for the autumn and winter months. 

Thriller - is a quite sheer red with a gold/bronze accenty feel to it. I'm still undecided on this color. I might have to try it in a look to figure out if I really like it or not. 

Corpse Candle - was the surprise of the bunch. It is a matte white with purple sparklies! Its so pretty! I love it. 

Dream Scream - is a pearl white with red sparklies! This is my color!!!! =] I adore it. Its exactly what I wanted. Thanks, Susan!!!

Candy Corn - is a glitter blend of red, orange, and holographic glitter. How cool is that!
Ghost Light - is a really light pastel blue with a light gold shift. I adore this color. Its such a pretty shade of blue. 

 Freebie Time!
Smoking Gun - is a taupe with some purple accents. I think I am loving her taupes. 

Monarch - from certain angles reminds me of Fyrinnae's Dark Magik. Its a red base with blue glitter. If the base didn't have the shimmer it would mimic Dark Magik. 

Kaleidoscope - is another glitter blend with purple, green, and silver glitter. It reminds me of Mardi Gras. 

I love Darling Girl. It is truly amazing. I really want to order some lippies next. But my lippie box is exploding. So, I gotta go through it and get rid of some. Go buy Darling Girl! I command ye! 


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