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Friday, October 7, 2011

Geek Chic Swatchlove!!!

Oh goodness gracious! I feel like I haven't blogged in such a while. Do I remember how to do this? Let's see! I ordered during the amazing sale Geek Chic was having when they returned from their break. Of course, being the forgetful person I am, I forgot to order any lippies! But I did mange to get many many shadows =P. Its been awhile since I ordered from Geek Chic and I don't remember why. Their formula is amazing and I love their colors. And the names make me laugh, well, cause I know what most of them mean. XD. I started watching Doctor Who last week (when I should've been studying) which I love. Even though right now I'm watching Project Runway....ANYWAY!

Lets see some love!!


Stay Indoors - is an amazing dark blue/black with lots of blue sparklies. I adore this color. I ordered a sample of this in my first order and I knew I needed a full size when I ran outta the sample 3 weeks ago. This is my autumn/winter staple.
Grey Matter - is a semi-matte grey with light silver sparklies. Its simple but I love it. Grey is another everyday staple of mine.
Ugghh...Brains - is a bright green. I don't own too many of this color anymore. So, its a change. Even though I never really liked this shade very much, I like the yellow shimmer that is there. 

Vector - is a dark semi-matte lilac with silver and blue sparklies. 
Riddle Me This - is a semi-sheer green with purple sparklies and a blue shimmer. I adore this color. And the Riddler =P.
Princess in Distress - is a peachy pink with silver sparklies in it.

Katamari King - is a semi-matte lilac with silver sparklies.
Are There Any Girls There? - is a semi sheer bright pink with some sparklies in it. 
Companion Cube - is a bright bubble gum pink! I miss my companion cube....

Galactically Banned Ale - is a pretty pretty blue with some lovely shimmer.

Bubble Hearth - is a light pepto pink color with some sparklies.
Fear Bomb - is a matte purple with blue accents with some subtle sparklies in it. 
Twilight Princess - is one of my favorites of this sample set. It is a dark grey/black with a silver shift.

Shammy - is a bright blue with some rainbow sparklies. It has a really pretty quality to it. 
Inevitable Betrayal - is a really interesting color. Its a brown/green with blue sparklies. Its so hard to describe! But I feel like I need more.
Born in Fire - is amazing. Done. Its a reddish violet with red sparklies in it. Its gorgeous. 

The Spider - is a matte dusty lilac. Simple and pure. But pretty. 
The Pointy End - is a bronzy bown color. I thought I would like this more. But I don't and that makes me sad. 

Across the Narrow Sea - is another gorgeous blue with lots of sparklies!!
Drood - is a pastelly orange semi matte. Simple and pretty. 

I love Geek Chic...BURT GOT KICK OFF ON PROJECT RUNWAY!!!! WHATTTTT! I liked him.....Well, I love Geek Chic Cosmetics. I need to order some lippies!!! Well I hope you enjoyed these samples! =] I have more reviews and things to do. But they will have to wait til next week. <3


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  1. I just got my first over from Geek Chic a while back. I LOVE the Geeks vs Zombies collection! Vector is one of my favorites!