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Monday, November 14, 2011

My Pretty Zombie Blushes

My Pretty Zombie is an amazing company that has recently come out with a new line of really soft pigmented blushes. You can see my review here.

Price: 5 Samples (that's all the blushes) - $5 + $0.64 Shipping
          Single Blush - $8 + $1.75 Shipping
          All 5 Blushes - $32 + $3.50 Shipping

Amount: Sample - about 1/4 teaspoon
              Full Size - about 3.5g (weight) in an 15g container

Onto the photos (swatched on bare skin)!

6-Mam - is a soft mauve with minimal sparklies.
LSD - is a plum with some reddish shifts.
THC - is a bright purple with some sparklies.
MDMA- is a bright pink with some gold sparklies and shifts. 
PCP - is a bright orange with matching sparklies.

Another look at MDMA.

Another look at PCP.

Some of these blushes are lighter than others. Which I find really nice. Also, I like how these are suited for most skin tones. Sadly I feel that PCP is almost too pigmented for my tastes even after rubbing it down. I have the same problem with MDMA. But after rubbing them down for awhile they are more casually wearable (or however it should be said?).

My Favorites are 6-Mam, THC, MDMA, and PCP. 

I really believe everyone should give My Pretty Zombie a try, They have a large multitude of colors and products and they all are amazing quality. So stop on by!



  1. I actually like 6-Mam the best, although I do have a soft spot for bright oranges :)

  2. Taryn-this swatches look lovely! I need to try them wow beautiful colors

  3. I'm not much of a blush girl but MDMA looks sooo pretty. PCP too. :)

  4. Stephtee - If I remember correctly, MDMA is eye and lip safe!

  5. Great swatches, I just got all of these in the mail!