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Saturday, April 30, 2011

Being a Brazen Cosmetics Virgin...

*Disclaimer: These products were sent for free and consideration by the company and my review will be unbiased towards that*
With the grand opening of Brazen Cosmetic's new shop in May 1 May 15, they offered free samples to anyone interested who have never tried Brazen Cosmetics before. I have always been interested in trying them, but whenever I would get to them, my money would be depleted and I would be very angry. So i jumped at the opportunity excited to try some of the amazing company. A week later, a small envelope came holding 2 samples of 2 gorgeous blues: Cirque and Paradox. Now, I love blues. Whoever said people with brown eyes shouldn't wear blue eyeshadow i guess doesn't understand my love of blues. I wish I could tell you the average prices for things, but since they do not have a shop right now, you can't buy from them anyway.

*remember, all my swatches are done WITHOUT the use of primer*
Onto the review!

 Paradox- is a really gorgeous blue shadow that looks purple under a yellow bulb (well to my eyes) its got very pretty multi colored sparkles (which no pictures show...) and i love it sooo much!
Cirque- is a really pretty teal but i was a little patchy to apply. It does have some really pretty green sparkles. 

Overall I feel i would have to try some more of Brazen to make a concise decision. But as of right now, I really like them. I really hope to buy more in the future. =] I suggest you take a look when their store opens in a few days! 


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