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Monday, April 18, 2011

Linnaeus Cosmetics Review!!!

A little while ago, this very adorable company Linnaeus Cosmetics, hit the etsy radar and i saw reviews everywhere! I knew i had to grab some of her samples and try her out! So i bought a sample pack and it came a few days later with a really adorable handwritten letter (explaining why she chose the random sample i asked for =]) and an explanation of the difference in some of the sample bags i recieved ( there isnt much of a difference some are just slightly bigger). The sample bags are GIANT! They are probably the biggest sample bags i have seen in quite awhile. They also have a very very generous amount of product. The price for the 5 samples is $5 with $1.5 to ship. She also has a 10 sample pack for $10 with $1.5 to ship. So for the size of the sample baggies and the price is amazing! Her full size jars are $5 with $2.5 shipping.
i also really like how organized her etsy pages are and her descriptions are really clear.

Now onto the review!!!!

Heres everything i got. See the cute letter! =] As you can see I also got a extra sample. 

Go Go Flamingo! - Is a really nice shimmery pink. This was chosen as my random shadow, because i'm not a huge pink person but i actually really like this pink. Its really soft and would look really good as an accent color or as a brow bone color. 

 Kalahari - was the free sample i received with my order. I wasn't too sure about this color when i looked at the baggie but when i swatched it i fell in love. Its a gorgeous taupey, tan shimmer that catches the sunlight in such a fantastic way. i wish the camera captured it better. 
 Brigand - is a really pretty green color that is slightly on the softer side but is still really gorgeous. It has some blue undertones to my eye which i really like. 
Pollywog - is like a minty like shadow that is really buttery and soft. It has a really nice shimmer to it which will look really pretty paired with Brigand. 

Largo - is a super pigmented blue that is almost like a matte. Its alot louder than the other colors i recieved which i really like. This color is definitely one of my favorites. 

Astute - is a really really pretty grape color which i am in absolute love with! In some lights it looks like a brown shade and in others it looks like grape skin. 

Over all I am really in love with Linnaeus Cosmetics like everyone else seems to be! Her colors are very pretty and her idea with how she incorporates her colors with different animals is divine. I like that she has some softer colors and some louder ones too. I am in love with Astute, Largo, and Brigand. But i love them all. I highly highly suggest you check them out. 




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