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Saturday, April 16, 2011

My Pretty Zombie Cosmetics Review!!!

So on Thursday i received my six samples i ordered from mrsevils on etsy and i fell in love. The sample baggies were decently sized with a very generous amount of product in them. I also liked how i received an invoice conversation on etsy extremely quickly. The pricing for the samples is really nice its $3 for 3 samples and shipping in the U.S. is $0.44 and free for the other objects. Her normal jars which come with about 1.5 grams of shadow are $5 with $1.25 shipping. When I received my package I got a cute little letter, a card and my adorable samples and my invoice.
The only thing i wish was that her descriptions of her shadows were more organized and included the ingredients and things.

So here's the review! *reminder that i do not use primers when i do swatches*

Static- is a dark green that has a yellow golden shimmer to it. It goes on like butter and it makes a perfect crease shade.
New Age Dolls- is an amazing charcoal shade. This is definitely a go to shadow for me now. 

Rabies- is a sky blueish shade with some green sparkles and a green iridescence. I am absolutely in love with this shadow. I would have to say this is my favorite of the bunch. 
Bettie- is a really pretty teal like shadow. It is also really smooth like all her shadows.

Monstrous (spelled wrong in photo -_- sorry) Industry - is a sheerer lilac shade with some pretty sparklies in it. I'm going to wear this with Henrywinkle a lot because they look so nice together. 
Henrywinkle- is a darker lilac shade with a little bit of blue in it, it seems to me. I really like the color. 

As you can see I love this company and i really want more of her shadows!!! I've been seeing her add some new colors that i want to try out. and i think when i grab some more money I will be making another order. I will definitely grab a full jar of Rabies when i grab the chace =]. I highly suggest you check out this company and give em a shot and grab some samples. 


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P.P.S. A life post will be coming up soon 

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  1. Static and Betty are super pretty! It's interesting to see so many indie companies out there!