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Monday, July 11, 2011

Dawn Eyes Cosmetics Review!

For the past few weeks I've been hearing nothing but good news about a MMU company called Dawn Eyes Cosmetics. They are a fairly new company with a very wide arrangement of colors. Dawn's website is nice and easy to navigate. She is very sweet and awesome and has amazing shipping times =]. Her colors, are equally as amazing as she is. They are extremely gorgeous and complex. Her full jars are 5g jars w/ sifter w/ 1.2-1.5 g of shadow. They are $6, shipping depends on where you live. Her samples come in baggies and are $1 and are about 1/8 tsp. This is an eye shadow only company and it looks like she creates new ones all the time and holds contests a lot.

*there is no primer under these shadows*

Super Sparkle Black Copper - is a glitter-matte. It is a black matte shadow with tons and tons of copper sparklies. I love the copper sparklies with the black shadow. It will make a perfect fall shadow for me. 

Grey Fire - is a really interesting color. It is a matte shadow that looks like a dark tan/grey. But in some lights all the sudden BAM! red comes through! Its absolutely gorgeous and I want a full jar of this asap!

Can you see the red a little bit?

Pittsburg Blue - Now, alot of you know that I'm going to the University of Pittsburgh for college starting August. So I couldn't pass up on some of the Pittsburgh colors. This is a shimmery blue with lots of sparklies of gold and blue. 

Lady Sings the Blues Holographic - This is another shimmery blue. This a darker blue with a lot of blue shimmer. There are some holo sparklies in it wish there were more though. 

Mystic Dawn - is my absolute favorite shadow! Its a soft pastel blue with a gorgeous pink sheen! Its amazing! Its so pretty, I want a full jar of this stat!!!

King's Robe - is a nice royal purple color with lots of sparklies in it. It also has a nice shimmer to it. 

Blurple - is a glitter-matte. It is a bright purple with ton and tons and tons of blue sparklies in it! Its hard to miss em. 

Wild Party - is a really adorable pastel purple color that is slightly matte-like. It has some nice silver sparklies in it. I like the softness of this shadow a lot. 

Football in Pittsburg - is a really nice bright yellow with gold sparklies in it. I think I'll be using this a lot with Pittsburg Blue during the football games cuz I'm in the marching band. 

Feed Me Seymor - Little Shop of Horrors. Awesome musical. Even more of an awesome color. This is a really nice clover green with a little blue in it. Its really shimmery. 

Overall I am obsessing with Dawn Eyes Cosmetics. Her colors are absolutely lovely and I want full jars of some and samples of a ton more! I really want Mystic Dawn and Grey Fire. I'll have to definitely explore some more and order more samples! I definitely suggest you check out her site and order some samples. They are amazing!!!!


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  1. Grey Fire is really awesome! its really soft too. Its red in some lights tan/grey in others. its a must buy!

  2. Very good review and great swatch photos. Thanks!

  3. Great review and swatches! I really like these colours.

  4. OMG I need Grey Fire and Feed Me Seymor like NAO.