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Friday, July 8, 2011


So like I was saying my boyfriend is away at camp =/. I miss him more then anything. So, I decided to wear one of the shirts I stole from him with a pair of my favorite shorts. The shirt is a Ghostbuster's shirt (which actually fit me! which was a surprise since he is significantly thinner than I am.) and the shorts are a pair of Limited Edition GAP black and white pin-stripe denim shorts.

The makeup I used for this was an unmarked eye shadow I had called Chameleon. It was a white shadow but transformed to my skin color and while in the light. 

See here its a nice peach color.

Me messing with some photoshop =P

See its a little white here and peach need the inner corner of my eye!

You can see it better here. 

Its an interesting shade isn't it?

So here is the NOTW. This is a shade from my ULTA haul. This is the Essence I Love My Jeans. This is a black polish with very very tiny milti colored sparklies in it. Its awesome!

See some of the sparklies!

There they are!!!

So that is it for todaii folks! 


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