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Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Green and Purple LOTD + NOTW

So, in the midst of this lingering depression I've been having lately with my boyfriend being gone for the next month. I've been trying to cheer myself up by watching Scrubs, buying nail polish, and trying out makeup stuff. Here is the LOTD first. Its a simple green and purple look.

What I used:
Moi Minerals e/s in Limelight
Essence Liner in Hang Loose
Essence Lash Mania Mascara
Essence Brow Designer in Light

Some of these photos were taken with flash and some in natural light. 

Limelight is one of my absolute favorite limey green shadows. Its to die for!

Now for the NOTW. My grandma thought it would be nice to get me two different Chanel nail polishes (yes Chanel!). She bought me Paradoxal and Black Pearl as part of my Graduation gift. So I dashed and put on some Paradoxal. But I've been craving to use my Pure Ice White Crackle polish too. So I put some of that on top. Here's what came out of it!

Yay! I hope you enjoyed my post for todaii. I wish my summer was going better. Its been tough. I never realized how much I really loved my boyfriend until he left. I really loved him before...but this is plain torture. We hung out every single day before he left. Now that he's gone...I just feel so lonely. He can't text me or really talk to me in any way either. Where he is, he gets no service. Todaii, we talked on Facebook chat for five minutes. Then I cried for a good half our. Todaii is our four month anniversary, I know it might not seem long, but he is the longest relationship I've ever had. I really do love him and I do feel like I can spend the rest of my life with him. He is 2 years younger than me, so when I go out to college, he won't be there. But theres Skype and things. And he promised to visit me whenever he can. Which helps a lot. I love him. That's all that matters right now. And returning the bowl he left at my house to his mom. I should do that soon...his mom is so nice. Well now that I've taken up alotta space, I'm gonna blast some Lady Gaga and Jimi Hendrix and maybe post some more later. 



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